There’s a reason we called ourselves a company, not just a studio.

First, it sounds better. Second, because we aren't a one-trick pony. We provide a wide variety of audio services at affordable prices and customize each experience to your needs. The goal is getting a great end product (with some fun along the way), and we offer everything you need to get there: 



We’re on your team. We build a solid relationship with our artists, figuring out what they want to accomplish and putting all the pieces into motion to do so. In the beginning, we’ll guide you through pre-production, help punch up songwriting, and develop a clear vision for musical direction. When it comes time to record, we’re there for tight arrangements, quality control, and all the logistics no one likes: making sure everyone shows up, getting the songs charted properly, and tying up loose ends. 

We’ve also built solid relationships with both local and national producers, so we can always find the perfect producer for your project. 



We’re hands-on tracking engineers. We don't push off EQ or compression to a later date. We see ourselves like the balancing engineers of the 60s, recording everything in a way that sets it up to be mixed artfully and efficiently, rather than putting off decisions to the last possible second. 

Our tracking approach builds a solid foundation for any musical project. With your genre in mind, we'll make sure you are using a great instrument in a great room, with the perfect mic, preamp, and signal processing choice for the intended goal. Basically, we make sure it sounds great before we even press the record button.



We take all the pieces and carefully craft them together. That means gathering all those details, stepping back and asking, "What are the essential elements of this song?" 

While we use a modern digital workflow (including many products that have come to market in the last 3 years), our mixing style is classic. We love the sound of analog color, and we use classic techniques to give our mixes a timeless quality — but we aren't afraid to push the envelope to give your music an edge. Best of all, everything we do is 100 percent recallable, so revisions are a breeze. 



We want your music to sound good forever. In mastering, we’re taking a look at the final details to bring your song and album into its closing vision. We love dynamic range, but we control it in a way that’s relevant to the music you’re making. We’re not going to squash a folk song, but we realize that a pop song needs RMS levels that are up to the competition (without clipping beyond recognition).

We don’t master in a way that sounds dated and cheesy in 10 years, and we focus on pushing just enough to keep your music relevant without losing quality or longevity.