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Coyote Talk

Engineering and mixing for 10-song Americana indie rock record

Coyote Talk's music is a strange phenomena that crosses generational boarders and truly touches the listener. The more we listen to this record, the better it gets. Mantra in particular has a trudging and edgy feel that just gets you excited. The whole mixing process was a blast, but one of our favorite features on this song is the distorted vocals in the second verse and choruses. It's truly a surprise element, but a signature sound that separates this track as a standout on a record and in your music library.

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Joshua Powell & The Great Train Robbery

Production, engineering, mixing and mastering for 10-song indie/folk record.

Joshua Powell is a long time friend of Varsity and has an even longer history of writing pensive, challenging and emotive music. Gun Fighter challenges the listener on the political debate of drone warfare, commanding the ear to pay attention. Equally as challenging are the myriad of swirling guitars and 70s style drums to create a landscape all of it's own. The trick on this song was to get stylistic direction right, while creating clarity in the mix for all of the many layers.

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Joel Levi

Engineering and mixing for 10-song Americana indie rock record

Joel's record as a whole was more than two years in the making, but it has become one of our most prized works. One thing that makes Blind Men Still Dream unique is that we had drum tracks recorded at a different studio (before we existed), but just didn't have the color from them that we were looking for. So we ran all of them through our SoundTracs board EQ and pre amps, back in to Pro Tools, and we arrived with the punch, clarity and character that we were looking for all along.

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Stay Outside

Production, engineering, mixing, mastering for 5-song rock EP

We love Stay Outside. Their personalities are equally as high energy and meaningful as their music. Void is a single from the bands forthcoming record, combining blasting drum sounds, addictive guitar licks and aggressive yet melodic vocal delivery, sure to make your mom unsure of weather to love or hate what she's hearing, with lyrics to sink your teeth into. We had such a good time making this record and are anxious to see what this young band's career will look like in the future!

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Jason barrows

Production, engineering, mixing, mastering for 7-song dream-pop/rock record

"Islands Of My Soul" by Jason Barrows started in Jonathan's bedroom only a few months before the conception of Varsity, but finished dramatically in the studio with this particular recording. City Of Lost Children is laden with 80's era synths, washed out guitars and one of our favorite drum sounds to date. We then mastered the entire record through our tape machine to further saturate the dreamy, creepy vibe of the record. Truly this song represents what we love about experimental recording.

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The Wldlfe

Production, engineering, mixing, and mastering for 5-song pop record

The Wldlfe is that a perfect blend of accessibility, creativity and attitude that universally captures the listener, regardless of their musical taste. Reminiscent of bands like The 1975 and St. Lucia, The Wldlfe adopts exciting synthesizers, Nile Rogers-esque guitars with a modern vibe that runs on the cutting edge of today's pop vibe, while maintaing a timeless energy. Combined with the smart songwriting and fun lyricism of Jansen Hogan, Somebody's Gonna Love You has become one of our favorite productions to date.

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