You can make a record in your bedroom these days.

It has been said a million times, and it’s absolutely true. That’s what we did for years, and we stand by those records.

But, in July of 2013, we took a step to create a space that offers artists, producers, and engineers a professional but affordable Indiana studio, and The Varsity Recording Co. was born.

We wanted a place to inspire great work, a place that was built for the instruments we work with, a place where the obstacles of bedroom recording  —  isolation, multi-tracking, the noise of your neighbor’s lawnmower —  fade into the background. We’re not just selling you a gear list. We focus on two things: a great artistic experience, and making the best possible music. 


The space

Our studio harkens back to 1970s era design — the glory days of recording. We like to hang out here, and we find that other folks do too. Our big, open, wooden rooms are excellent for enhancing the natural tone of your instrument, and our world-class analog front end mixed with the best and newest digital technology ensure that your record will sound good now and in 50 years.


We pride ourselves on smart combinations of analog sound and quality with cost-effective digital solutions. 

We love the attitude and vibe of old records as well as the efficiency and affordability of modern recording technology. We have consequently strived to be able to set up our space so that we can have both. With advances in digital signal processing, we are able to achieve vintage and modern sounds without breaking the bank of the artist. Combining some vintage pieces like our 1989 Soundtracs board or one of 3 Otari Tape Machines with our phenomenal Universal Audio Apollo interface, your record will sound exactly how you dreamed it would. 


The space you record in defines so much of your sound. We've never heard a room that sounds better than ours. 

There are a lot of opinions out there on what makes a great tracking room. For us, it was simple: drums, guitars, and keyboards needed to sound incredible, and we wanted a flexible amount of ambience. In our live room, we have the golden ratio for drums: the room sounds huge and punchy but still leaves plenty of space for the other instruments in the mix. Our vocal booth is just the right amount of clean and controlled without sounding dull and deadened. And finally, the control room gives us an accurate representation of what we're recording or mixing.

The dudes

Jonathan Class

Jonathan began learning piano at age three and fell in love with the idea of recorded music in middle school. During his time studying Music Business at Anderson University, he landed an internship at Gaither Studios, learning to function as an engineer in a professional studio environment, as well as being recruited as Head of Production for Orangehaus Records. Jonathan was recently named Music Business Alumni of the year by Anderson University. Jon loves working closely with artists both as an engineer and producer. Unfortunately, he was homeschooled growing up, causing him to enjoy Star Wars way too much.

Alex Dobbert

Alex decided he wanted to record at age eleven after listening to the Beatles. After a few years of playing with cassette tapes, he attended Ball State University to study Music Technology. During his time on campus, he was the Lead Producer for Indiana Public Radio's "The Scene," as well as the President of the Audio Engineering Society's Ball State chapter. In 2011, Alex began an internship at Sound Logic Studios, after which he began to record as a freelancing engineer. Alex likes cats, the Beatles, writing his own bio, grilling a good steak, and other pop culture references that make him nerdy, yet approachable.